Christ the King Sunday and Thanksgiving Dinner

Henderson UMC met at San Juan UMC for a combined service on the 24th of November.

Pastor Ray San Juan pulpit Church members of Henderson and San Juan

Children's Chat - Pastor asked for volunteers got a new queen and king
Members of Henderson and San Juan Bringing up their offering :"Passing of the Peace"
And then we went to the dinner
Desert table Everyone took a seat Paper plates, bowls and silverware
waiting for the ok to get in line Mary had turkey in the crock pot it looks yummy
Now that everyone has a seat.....
We will go one table at a time Some women helping the children decide what to take there's lots of food
and lots to choose from why not take a spoon of each there's plenty to go around
helping fill their plates so much to choose from Pastor and his wife, they waited till last to get their food
Now for table 2
Terrance has his plate we sang praise for the food and company  
It must have been good..... it's all gone
It was a nice combined service and a delicious meal and wonderful conversation with friends and family.
Henderson United Methodist Church 2013