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Easter Candy

Thank you for all your contributions

Our children want to go to camp. It cost about $400 per child to  go to camp. We decided to make candy for Easter to get the money to send the children to camp this summer.

Lion, Zebra, Giraffe and Elephant white chocolate orange cross, purple cross or yellow cross white chocolate
blue and green roses white chocolate blue and green carrots milk chocolate blue, pink chocolate balloons
pink flower white chocolate yellow flower white chocolate orange and green carrots milk chocolate
assorted rose white chocolates teddy bear white chocolates assorted flowers milk chocolate
orange cupcake white chocolate blue flower white chocolate orange rose green petals white chocolate
white chocolate soccer ball chocolate flower pink petals pink egg yellow chick white chocolate
chocolate football 2 chocolate bunnies chocolate cupcake
brown chocolate basketball pink chocolate cupcake Yellow chick chocolate egg
just chocolate bunny or chick yellow chick white chocolate yellow duck white chocolate
Easter egg white chocolate Bunny head white chocolate bag of chocolates (6)

bunny head  milk chocolate

chick milk chocolate

yellow duck milk chocolate


bag of milk chocolate and white chocolate colored white chocolate candies white & milk chocolate bunnies
Than you for helping send our children to camp

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